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Personalized Name Art, Framed Abstract Letter, Wedding & Birthday Gift

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"Name art?," my husband asks a bit skeptically. "You mean calligraphy?" "No", I reply. "Imagine you see a beautiful picture, a collage of sorts, made up of many different black and white photos. At first you see beauty and balance, and clean lines, then the elegance of the objects within the prints. Only then, do you begin to see that the objects are architectural detail, iron scrollwork, cement castings, steeples, windows, and filigree. Slowly, these shapes take on a magical appearance of letters, and you see words or names. The subtlety and the beauty make these motifs truly pieces of fine art. This will make a lovely gift for your friend’s wedding. We can spell out "Love", or just their last name, and transform it into framed word art. Anything we want. We can combine up to 12 letters in a name art picture and have a choice of 3 custom frames and double matting. Come look online." Sold!

Finding just the right gift is always a challenge. Something unique that will be lasting and treasured through the years by the recipient. Often, the perfect gift is a personalized one. With a wide choice of letters, formed from the historical churches and homes of the French Quarter and Garden District in New Orleans, you select the word or name and the way it looks. People love to see their names in print, right? Well, with name art, any name is turned into a piece of art that will be a treasured keepsake, uniquely one of a kind.

The word or name art pictures make a perfect gift for weddings or family as they can express a bit of sentiment such as "Family", "Love", and "Cherish". But, these art pieces also make a handsome corporate or client gift and can spell out the name of an ideal or a goal, or perhaps the name of the city where you do business.

Of course the name art expressing "Welcome" or "Home" are perfect for housewarming gifts. As these are customized by you, the word art pictures make a perfect gift for any birthday or Christmas or Chanukah. Order an individualized framed photo art picture for everyone on your list; each one unique to the person you present it to.

The only problem with these gifts is that they will be hard to top next year!


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